Who needs to have their identity verified?

As an existing Administrator, it will only be necessary to verify your email if an update is made to your account settings. The following changes to your PSI account will trigger the Identity Verification process:

  • Request Forgotten Username and/or Reset Forgotten Password
  • Change Username or Password
  • Update Key Profile Information (e.g. Name, Email Address).

New Administrators will go through the Identity Verification process when they first login.

Candidates/test takers who utilize a link to take assessments will not need to go through the process.

Candidates/test takers who log into an account to take assessments will be asked to verify their identity.

IMPORTANT: Effective November 6, when assigning assessments, if you use your email address instead of the candidates’/test takers’ email addresses AND the candidates/test takers are required to login to the PAN system, we will not be able to verify the candidates’/test takers’ email addresses and they will not be able to complete the assessments. To avoid this, starting November 6, you will need to change your process and use the candidates’/test takers’ email addresses when assigning assessments.