How do I determine which assessment(s) to use?

There is no “one size fits all” for assessments as every program is different. However, PSI has the following helpful resources to assist you in this decision.

To start, we recommend that you read our Complete Guide to Assessments white paper for insights on choosing the right assessments. This resource will provide you with:

  • Questions to consider when adding assessments to your HR practice
  • A brief review of the types of assessments and the differences between hiring and development assessments
  • Tips for implementing assessments to improve hiring outcomes
  • Information on building a legally-defensible process.

Then, to narrow your search, under the “Catalog” tab, select “Search” and then click on the “Characteristics” tab. ┬áThis is a rich search tool where you can specify a range of job and assessment characteristics, e.g.:

  • Competencies
  • Knowledge Areas
  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Assessment Type
  • Purpose (Application)
  • Job Level
  • Industry
  • Occupation

In addition, our sales team ( will be happy to point you in the right direction.