Is there a way to determine how a candidate moves through a workflow based on previous candidate scoring (Results Eligibility)?

Yes, the new ‘Results Eligibility’ activity it can be used to direct whether a candidate moves down different workflow paths. Now, rules can be written to direct clients through a workflow based upon previous scoring. For more information please contact your sales representative or account support specialist.

Select or create the desired workflow you would like to add the Results Eligibility within.
Click “Results Eligibility” (Screen #1)
Complete the “Activity Name” and “Activity Description” (Screen #2)
Select the Assessment/Battery/Personalized Report from the “Product” drop down. This will be the product on what is related to the eligibility and rule to. (Screen #2)
Click “Finish” (Screen #3)
Click “Edit” on the Results Eligibility activity. (Screen #4)
Click “Rules” within the Results Eligibility tabs. (Screen #5)
Click “Add Rule” you will then create the rule. (Screen #6)
This will tell the workflow if the candidates scored XYZ or took the assessment over XXX days go then send the candidates this way, or if the candidate has not taken the product select or scores below XYZ then send the candidate this way. (Screen #7)

Screen #1

Screen #2

Screen #3

Screen #4

Screen #5

Screen #6

Screen #7