When was the True Talent platform developed?

The True Talent platform was developed in 2000 by two clinical psychologists who identified a need for multi-publisher, web-enabled assessments on one platform. We have stayed true to our mission of using industry-leading technology to bring only the best assessments to the market.

Through the years, we have expanded our services to simplify the assessment process, making it more efficient for our clients with features such as:

  • An automated workflow module
  • An authoring tool that facilitates the addition of proprietary assessments to the True Talent platform
  • A report builder that allows you to generate a report that includes scores from one or more publisher assessments, in a format of your choosing.

As the use of assessments continues to grow and evolve in the hiring and development arenas, we will continue to develop new and exciting ways to maintain our position as the total assessment solutions provider.