How do I register?

Registering for the True Talent platform is a simple process – it can even be done on a mobile device!

  1. If you are already a PSI client and want to register as an Administrator:
    • Navigate to your organization’s home page on the PSI platform
    • Click the “Register Today!” button to access the registration form.  (Screen 1)
  1. If your organization is not yet a PSI client, to open an account:
    • Navigate to
    • Scroll down to “Our Platforms”.
    • Click “Learn More” under “PSI True Talent”. (Screen 2)
    • Click the ”Register” link  to access the registration form.  (Screen 3)
  1. Follow the online directions to complete the first part of the form, then click “Continue.”  (Screen 4)
  1. Review the options on the Email Verification screen and select “Continue,” “Skip this for now,” or “Update Email.”  (Screen 5)
    • If you select “Continue,” check you Inbox for an email from “no-reply”. This email was PSI-generated to verify your email address. Click the “Verify Email” link in the email.
    • If you select “Skip this for now,” you will be taken directly to the last half of the Registration form. This is just a deferral, you will eventually need to verify your email address.
    • If your email address is not correct on the Email Verification screen:
      • Input the correct email address and click “Update Email.”
      • You will then be directed to a new “Email Verification” screen where you can select either “Continue” or “Skip this for now” (see instructions for these options above).
  1. Complete the last half of the Registration form by providing your contact information.
  2. Click “Finish Registration” to complete the registration process.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Screen 5