Can I order an additional report after the assessment has been completed?

After a candidate has completed an assessment, you can easily generate another report from that same assessment.

You can also view this helpful VIDEO and/or refer to these detailed SLIDES on “Ordering Add-on Reports Post-Assessment.”

  1. Locate the “Catalog” tab and select “Search”  (Screen 1)
  2. Select the “Add-on Score Reports” option.  Then, type the name of the assessment that was already administered in the search box and click “Search”  (Screen 2)
  3. The available add-on reports will display in your “Search Results.”  Select the desired report and click “Add to Cart.”  (Screen 3)
  4. Proceed through the purchasing process.
  5. Once the purchase is completed, the Invoice confirmation screen will show a “Click Here to Assign” option.  Do NOT use this option.  (Screen 4)
  6. Instead, go to the “Results” tab and select “Candidates.”  (Screen 5)
  7. Input the candidate’s name and other identifying information in order to identify the correct candidate. Then, select “Search.”  (Screen 6)
  8. Locate the candidate in the search results and click his/her “Name.”  (Screen 7)
  9. On the “Candidate Details” screen, click “Assessments.”  (Screen 8)
  10. Locate the assessment and click “View Details.”  (Screen 9)
  11. On the next screen, select “View Score Reports.”  (Screen 10)
  12.  The original report will display. Close the report to view the “Report Information” screen.
  13.  From the “Add Report” dropdown list, select the report you just purchased and click “Add.”  (Screen 11)
  14.  The new report now shows in the table, along with the original assessment and report.  (Screen 12)
  15. Allow 15 minutes for the report to process, then click on the report’s name to access it.

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