How to inactivate an Administrator?

Below is a brief outline of how to inactivate an Administrator.

  1. Click “Administrator” under the “Settings” tab.  (Screen #1)
  2. The next screen shows a list of available ways to identify the desired administrator.
  3. Click the green “Search” button.  (Screen #2)
    1. Note: If the administrator is active or not. To be able to change this option,  Click on the drop down box for “Account Status”.  You will want to change the status to all to be able to pull all of the applicable administrators. (Screen #3)
  4. The next screen shows a list of Administrators in the left-hand column.  Double click on a desired Administrators name to begin.  (Screen #4)”The next screen will be Manage Administrator page.
  5.  Scroll down to “Login Information”. Here you will find the “Account Status”.  This is were you will inactivate the desired administrator.  (Screen #5)


Screen #1

Screen #2

Screen #3


Screen #5