How do I create a Custom URL?

To create a Custom URL, You can view this helpful VIDEO  and/or refer to these SLIDES for detailed instructions on”Creating a Custom URL”:

  1. Click “Custom URL” under the “Assign” tab.  (Screen 1)
  2. Click “Add New Custom URL.”  (Screen 2)
  3. Name your URL.   (Screen 3)
    NOTE:  The URL name will be visible to candidates.
  4. Click “Products.”  (Screen 4)
  5. Click the checkbox next to the desired product’s name.  (Screen 5)
    NOTE:  The product must first be available before being added to a custom URL.
  6. Scroll down the page to see if “Demographics” options are available for the selected assessment. If available, fill out the “Demographics” section. Your demographic selections will be applied to every candidate who uses this Custom URL.
  7. Click “Settings.”  (Screen 6)
  8. Provide the requested information. To assist you in this task, refer to the following definitions.
    • Account Owner:  The admin that created the custom URL; this is the person who can be notified upon completion
    • Password:  If this setting is used, candidates will be required to enter a password to access the custom URL; passwords are optional, but add security
    • Maximum Number of Candidates:  The number of people that launch the assessment through the custom URL; once the maximum number is reached, the URL becomes unavailable; this is optional
    • Available Between:  A date range for when the URL is accessible; this is optional
    • Enabled:  Checkbox that makes the custom URL live
    • Notify When Maximum Reached:  The admin is sent an email when the maximum number of candidates is reached; this is optional and only applicable if Maximum Number of Candidates setting is populated with a numerical value
    • Notify When Inventory is Low:  The admin is sent an email when the inventory reaches a predefined level; this is optional
    • Send Email on Assignment:  The candidate will receive an email upon creation of their account. The email will include instructions on how to troubleshoot their session in the event of technical issues; this is optional
    • Inventory Count to Notify:  A number predefined by the admin to notify him/her when the inventory reaches a certain level; this is optional
    • Share Score Reports with Candidates:  Click the box if you want candidates to receive their score reports.
    • Candidate Instructions:  Additional instructions that can be configured to communicate additional messaging to the candidate at the time of candidate account creation; this is optional
    • Assigned Group:  A predefined group that candidates are automatically assigned to upon creation of their candidate account.  (Optional)
    • Social Media Title:  A concise title for the related content.
    • Social Media Description:  A description that concisely summarizes the content in a manner appropriate for publication.
    • Social Media Image URL:  The URL where the image that is to accompany this social media post resides.
  9. Click “Save.”  (Screen 7)
  10. The Custom URL is now created and can be shared with candidates.

Save As:

  1. When you are satisfied with the revised Custom URL, click “SAVE AS”. (Screen 8)
  2. Assign a new name to the Custom URL and click “Save” (Screen 9)
  3. Then click “OK”  (Screen 10)

NOTE:  The following subscription levels have access to the “Custom URL” feature:

Screen 1  

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

Screen 5

Screen 6

Screen 7


Screen 8

Screen 9

Screen 10